5 Cloakrooms that pack a punch: making small spaces fun

Cloakrooms, despite their small size, can make a big impact and offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your style and creativity. By paying attention to detail, you can transform your cloakroom into a small yet impactful space that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Eclectic Powder Cloakroom | Edwardian Renovation | Ivywell Interiors | Redland Bristol
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What better way to really pack a punch than neon! This eclectic toilet, in our Edwardian Home Renovation project, is dark and moody with vibrant busy wallpaper giving a unique viewing experience when using the space.

The brass finishings give a touch of luxe and a complimenting splashback, using Hoxton Aqua from Mandarin Stone, which doesn’t compete with the wallpaper and finishes the space nicely.

Eclectic Powder Cloakroom | Edwardian Renovation | Ivywell Interiors | Redland Bristol

What finishes off the fun space is the neon pink painted door edge and the stainless glass allowing the wallpaper colours to peak through giving you a peak at what’s to come. 

Ivywell Interiors | Victorian Renovation | Bishopston, Bristol

The wallpaper in the cloakroom in our Victorian Home Renovation in Bishopston, Bristol, is inspired by the branches of the Madhuca tree. The whole house had an earthy, organic vibe and it was only natural to continue the nature-inspired scheme in the cloakroom. We provided a contrast to the rest of the house which was infused with colours by keeping to a monochrome colour palette. Industrial inspired splashback tiles from Mandarin Stone give the space some life and depth without taking away from the wallpaper. Keeping the fixtures small and wall-hung gives the storage needed without the space feeling cluttered.

 Eclectic Period Home Renovation | Cotham | Bristol

This cloakroom is part of a Period Home Renovation and Extension in Cotham, Bristol, we styled for DHV Architects. The clever use of wallpaper immerses you in the period style of the home while providing a slightly whimsical feel to the space. We also love the classic period black and white tile that you might spot in a few of our other projects. 

Ivywell Interiors | Small Cloakroom in Period Home Snyed Park Bristol

Who says timeless can’t be fun? Part of our Timeless Period Home Renovation, this toilet is decorated floor to ceiling in a fun Andrew Martin wallpaper with quirky anecdotes - way to keep the user entertained whilst... *ermm*...using the space. Subtle stone effect tiles for a splashback behind the toilet and a mirror to bounce light in the small space finish the look.

 Ivywell Interiors | New Build Scandi Cloakroom

Neutral Scandi schemes usually don’t associate with fun and busy, but this toilet, in our New Build House Remodel in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, manages to seamlessly balance both. The colours and soft bold shapes of the wallpaper keep the scheme calm and Scandi-inspired, but the use of the wallpaper floor-ceiling and the bold patterns is what makes this space so fun. It also served another purpose, save costs! We remodelled the property's ground floor, specifying a lot of of built-in carpentry which took a big chunk of the budget so we opted to keep the bathroom fixtures as they were but inject interest with the wallpaper. 

Our top 5 tips for creating a cloakroom that packs a punch in your home:

  1. Vibrant Accent Wall: Choose a bold, eye-catching colour like electric blue, deep emerald green, or fiery red. Pair it with neutral tones like white or light grey for the remaining walls to balance the intensity. Add a large mirror to reflect light and make the space appear larger.
  1. Bold Wallpaper: Opt for wallpapers with a bold pattern or vibrant colours to create visual interest. Geometric patterns, tropical prints, or floral designs can all make a striking statement. Keep the rest of the décor minimal to let the wallpaper be the star of the show.
  1. Space-Saving Vanity: Install a wall-mounted to maximise floor space in the cloakroom. Choose a clean design with a little storage for the essentials but keep the area feeling open and uncluttered. Consider a colour vanity to add a pop to the room.
  1. Statement Lighting: Install a dramatic light fixture as the focal point of the cloakroom. A chandelier, pendant light, or oversized wall sconce in a bold colour or unique design can instantly elevate the space and add personality. But always check with your electrician there's enough distance between your light and your water source to meet building and safety regulations.
  1. Mix and Match Accessories: Experiment with mixing different patterns, textures, and colours in the accessories. Choose bold hand towels, and decorative accents like artwork or plants to inject personality into the space.

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