How to Create an Impact in Small Bathrooms and Toilets

Often overlooked small bathrooms, cloakrooms and toilets have the ability to create a big visual impact and set the tone for the rest of the house.

Here are our top tips from our design projects:

Wall Murals

Large Rear and Side Extension for Period Property in Cotham

Large Rear and Side Extension for Period Property in Cotham, designed by DHV Architects. 

Continuing the wallpaper from the wall to the inside of the door blurs the lines of the room. Since it is a small space where the door is usually closed, it is a great opportunity to experiment with wallpaper to add instant colour and impact to the room.

Our top tip is to opt for a visually interesting wall mural that can tell a story. Check out other wall murals from Rebel Walls, Coles & Sons, Casadeco and contact us to order.


Elegant and timeless design for a period property in Bristol, Ivywell Interiors.

In addition to including a wall mural, accessorising with large mirrors can encourage light to bounce around the room and make the space feel less compact. We included a large mirror above the basin and also a mirrored wall art to further bounce the light. This is subtle but effective and instantly brightens the room.

Our top tip is to incorporate mirrors in smaller bathrooms and toilets to really expand your space. Not to mention, the use of mirrored or reflective decorative elements can deliver the same effect too, giving your bathroom a flawless finish.


Small Bathroom Design for Period Property in Snyed Park, Bristol

Elegant and timeless design for a period property in Bristol, Ivywell Interiors.

Choosing a unique and bold wallpaper is a fun way of decorating a small bathroom. The additional texture transforms this area uplifting the space in a more contemporary yet classic way. The pattern can prevent a compact toilet from feeling too bare. It is also a good way of mimicking tiles without actually having them and establishes a strong and distinct perception.  

Our top tip is to choose a design that is simple but still creates that big impact because if the room is only small, the right balance is key and you don’t want it to become too overwhelming. Check out Andrew Martin Designer Wallpaper to get this look. 

Stained Glass

Interior Styling for a New Extension, Westbury, Bristol

Interior styling for a new extension in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. 

Incorporating a stained glass window into your home means you can definitely add a lot of character. They can be ideal for any bathroom as they are not only beautiful additions but can also maintain privacy. This allows the rest of the bathroom to remain quite understated as the window speaks for itself. 

 Our top tip – wanting to add a traditional twist to your home? Opt for some colourful stained glass windows for your bathroom to utilise the natural light whilst again maintaining privacy. It adds an interesting pop of colour to a small room.

 Contrasting Back Tiles

Small Bathroom and Toilet Design for Period Property in Snyed Park, Bristol

The room seems bigger by simply deepening the shower with the use of oversized tiles in a deep and textured blue finish. It serves to elongate the bathroom. 

Our top tip to increase the length or width of a room is to create an accent wall. Consider the colours to complement your scheme without overwhelming the space.


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