Guide: Creating your style

When it comes to designing or styling a space, knowing where to start can be hard. So we've broken down the process to help you decide what feels right for you and so you can confidently create an interior style you love.

Things to consider:

  • Key room usage
  • Focal Point
  • Style & Colour
  • Statement Pieces
  • Accent Pieces

Where to start         

Key Usages

Whether you are starting with a blank canvas or looking to redesign an existing room, it’s important to consider what the key usages for you room are or will be.

Is it everyday family living area? A quiet calm area? A living space that also supports your home working needs? A living space, that incorporates different zones, i.e. dining area space and your home working needs too?

Focal Point

Once you are clear on this, have a think about the focal point. This is the main feature of the room where the elements and style will stem from and what you are drawn to when you enter the space. The focal point can consist of a fireplace, detailed picture rails or ornate windows. Don’t worry if there aren’t any, this is where clever interior design can help.

"As part of a design consultation, we would discuss creating panelling, a feature wall, changing a fireplace or creating a surround, or simply adding a statement coffee table. It all depends on our first point, the key usages for the room".

What next?

Although the first part seems quite intensive, it’s generally rather quick and a lot of fun. It’s the opportunity for you to gather all your ideas and inspiration, nothing is off limits.

Pinterest, magazines and the internet are a great source for helping shape what you like. Simply keep or pin anything you are drawn to. It may be the colour of a vase, wall or artwork, a room layout you connect with, for example, the feeling it creates, dark and moody or light and airy. Don’t panic if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for either. This is your personal style coming through.

"Our top tip is to create a moodboard for each element you like. We then help you mix and match key elements of your inspiration to define your unique individual style".


Next, you can start thinking about your style and colour preferences. The questions we would ask would be:

"How do you feel about colour generally? Do you like brightly coloured walls? Do you prefer a neutral setting? Do you like certain style or shape of furniture? What about fabric or texture? This is when you can start narrowing down your selection".

Here you’re trying to establish an overall colour theme. We find it easier to break down colour choices between neutral think grey, cream delicate pastels - and bold - anything from demure black, gold and to every rich colours in between. With an idea of what colours you like, you then need to decide whether you want the colours to feature within your scheme. Do you want colour on your statement pieces or accent pieces?

Statement and accent pieces explained

When designing your room layout and theme, we recommend to start your decision process with statement pieces. They are the larger furniture pieces that help structure your space. In a living room, they could be sofas, sideboards, coffee tables, media units. Statement pieces are what you see when you first step into a room and they tend to be your higher priced items, think the price of a sofa versus a vase, so you want to consider them fully to avoid costly mistakes. Key considerations:

 "Do I want the piece to blend in or complement other elements? Do I want the piece to stand out by its texture or design or both?  Do I want the piece to be a big trend statement and will you be happy to change it when no longer in fashion? Or do you want a piece that transcends styles?"

Once you have an idea, you can move on to your accent pieces. These are the less dominant pieces such as side tables, console tables, lights, vases, accessories. Although smaller, these pieces can become your focal point. Think for example of a rug, your choice of pattern can do wonders to draw attention and create texture in your space. The same goes for a large mirror or brightly coloured cushions that can add a colour pop and break up a neutral scheme. Accent pieces are generally less costly and represent an easy way to refresh your space, particularly handy when working with a smaller budget.   


Side Console with Table Lamp and Small Storage Box


Ready to create your style?

We suggest to start browsing through Shop by Style to find your inspiration. We built a collection of four key styles that we use these are the base of most our clients’ projects. They are curated to be versatile and to enable you to pick the elements you like and match them to elements of a different style whilst keeping an overall cohesive look. For example, you could have a Timeless Elegance overall colour scheme but inject a Botanical twist with a wallpaper to soften and add definition to your room.

"Our tip, save the items you like in your wishlist . You can then review them altogether before making your final selection".  

If you have any product queries or would like us to help you with the design or product sourcing, simply contact us, we’ll be happy to help.



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