Neutral colours and a harmonious décor: discover Timeless Elegance

Co-founder of Ivywell Interiors, Kirsty takes us through the key features of her Timeless Elegance living room.

Creating understated sophistication.

Calming neutral hues and subtle decorative details create a timeless look that brims with understated sophistication and pleases the eye.

Timless Elegance Living Room

Neutral hues are at the core of this style. More than just ‘playing it safe’, a neutral colour palette with the right accessories creates a space that’s harmonious and welcoming.

A neutral lounge, perfect for entertaining and relaxing. 

It’s easy for the eye to get lost when using similar shades throughout a room so the key is to create a focal point. This can be enhancing a structural element or using furniture and rugs to define the space. Here we’ve centred the room around the fireplace. It creates drama whilst adding a cosy touch. Windows can be equally useful to attract the eye, whilst furniture with glass and reflective surfaces add interest. 

Winford Dove Grey Corduroy Sofa, 3 Seater

Texture is another important factor when incorporating similar shades. Drawing from both ends of the beige spectrum, we’ve played with different fabric patterns such as herringbone and embroidery detail whilst contrasting the smooth velvet of the cushion with the ribbed corduroy of the sofa.

Whether you’re buying a new sofa or making use of what you already have, choosing the right one is often a huge dilemma. In this space, we selected a three-seater and a two-seater to occupy the space whilst leaving room to move around. You could also consider updating your upholstery.

Timeless decorative details

Decorative details and accessories are a personal affair. Here we’ve opted for a few key pieces contrasting the smooth texture of the stone mantel piece against the hand-made appearance of the Regil Standing Figures ornament. We’ve also included organic shapes such a the Flax Faux Coral Ornament and the Stanton Silver Hurricane Lantern. 

Stanton Silver Hurricane Lantern and Flax Faux Coral

Making it your own

We love sketching new room layouts, working out colour schemes, sourcing unique products. But it isn’t about us. We want to give you the confidence to create an individual home style you love.

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