Creating a Botanical Retreat

Inviting nature in your space does wonders to your wellbeing. You don't have to possess green fingers either. In this step by step tutorial, we show you some easy steps to create a Botanical-inspired interior. 

When we think of botanical, we often picture of gorgeous gardens or lush house plants. But inviting nature in can also be done through colours, patterns and materials. 

This living room has relatively low lighting, not ideal for many house plants so instead we added a floral wallpaper to create a stunning backdrop, continued on the floor with the Shaldon Brand Design Rug
We selected rich and calm tones of blue and green for the statement pieces. Getting a mix of texture without disrupting the eye too much was crucial so we opted for smooth velvet. The classic button tufting of the Mudford Sofa creates darker areas on the fern green which creates a touch of drama. The statement Upton Chairs are both in blue but we varied the tones, from Turquoise to Powder Blue, to add interest. They feature a classic scalloping detail and a vertical tufting that add comfort, after all the purpose of a retreat is to relax. 

We kept the accent pieces and accessories fairly neutral as not to distract from the wallpaper and rug pattern. We wanted to add as many natural elements as possible, opting for different size vases in recycled glass which we styled with faux florals and bamboo canes, decorative artichokes and yes, we did add a couple of low maintenance house plants, hoping they'll do well. 



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