Chic & Clever: 5 storage ideas to transform your home

Practical and stylish don't usually go hand in hand. But what if we told you that we design clever storage that blend both functionality and elegance? We've assembled 5 ideas from our interior design projects, perfect for creating a clutter-free and beautiful living space. 

1. The fireplace alcove wardrobes

Elegant period master bedroom in Sneyd Park, Bristol, designed by Ivywell Interiors. Features include built-in storage, soft neutral tones, luxurious bedding, and stylish décor accents. Perfect blend of practicality and sophistication for a serene living space.Period Home Master Bedroom with en-suite. Paint 'Alderman' Mylands of London. 

Period bedrooms have a clear advantage when it comes to creating storage solutions - the chimney breast recesses. It's the ideal spot to create floor to ceiling built-in wardrobes. For this project in Snyed Park, Bristol, the owners were keen to include the storage but didn't want the storage to become the focal point, understandably. We opted for shaker style door panels to provide a little depth and self-coloured paint to match the walls. 

2. Shallow and asymmetrical chimney breast

Eclectic bedroom wardrobe design in Bishopston, Bristol, designed by Ivywell Interiors. Features built in wardrobe with open floating shelves in neutral tones.
Walls & wardrobes in 'Matchstick' by Farrow and Ball. Wardrobe build by Creative Storage & Kitchens

These wardrobes, in our Victorian House Renovation project offer a clever solution to work around a tricky chimney breast. The recess was too shallow to level the shelves with the wall and would have left the room unbalanced. Instead, we opted for open floating shelves to make up the difference with the added bonus of creating a book area. Sprayed the same colour as the walls, Farrow & Ball Matchstick, the wardrobe blend seamlessly with the rest of the room with one detail making them special - the tall wooden handles - created bespoke and used on the ground floor in the kitchen and in the fireplace alcoves to create design continuity, coherence and flow throughout the house. 

3. Utilising nooks and 'dead' spaces

Wardrobes by Creative Storage & Kitchens

Part of a period home master bedroom, this wardrobe space was left unused after an en-suite shower room was created in the main bedroom space. The clients wanted a mix of open and closed storage for easy access with sockets to plug in small appliances. We opted for a mix of sprayed and natural wood to keep the style light and airy. The handles were actually inspired by the previous project, the Victorian Renovation in Bishopston, Bristol. 

4. New build lacking storage? Don't despair. 

Contemporary and scandi inspired open plan kitchen diner in Stoke Bishop, Bristol designed by Ivywell Interiors. Features a built-in banquette seating and built-in home bar in a neutral colour scheme with wooden extendable table and black chairs.
Ivywell Interior project 'New Build Home Remodel'. Cabinetry by Creative Storage & Kitchens. Upholstery by Sofa Magic

New build homes tend to lack truly useful storage. There might be a cupboard under the stairs for the lucky few. But, we have solutions to solve this issue and we put on our thinking hats to create a home bar and a banquette seating to accommodate 6 to 8 people in a relatively tight space, proving that, when pushing the walls out isn't an option, carving the space remains possible. 

5. The wall to wall dreamy library

Contemporary built-in library wall featuring open and closed storage with recessed LED lighting | Ivywell Interiors | Stoke Bishop, BristolIvywell Interior project 'New Build Home Remodel'. Cabinetry by Creative Storage & Kitchens. Sofa 'Squishmeister' by Loaf.


Here are our top 5 tips to create stylish storage solutions in any home: 

  1. Maximise Storage with Style: Invest in bespoke built-in wardrobes to optimise space and enhance bedroom aesthetics. Such designs not only provide ample storage but also add a touch of sophistication to the room. We always recommend using a specialist joiner to ensure the initial investment will last the test of time.  
  1. Create Cohesive Design Elements: Ensure a harmonious look throughout your home by coordinating design elements and finishes throughout the house. Those can be colours, texture, wood finishes or hardware such as handles and light switches.  
  1. Incorporate Multifunctional Spaces: Utilise awkward nooks and crannies creatively with a mix of open and closed storage, without forgetting discreet mood lighting. This approach avoids a blocky feel and enhances both functionality and style.
  1. Optimise Open-Plan Spaces: Address the lack of storage in open-plan areas by incorporating multifunctional furniture and creating dedicated zones: banquette seating, breakfast perch points, alcove built-in bars...These additions not only provide extra seating and storage but also enhance the room's aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  1. Create Focal Points with Custom Storage Solutions: Transform long, flat walls into stunning features with custom storage solutions. A plain rectangular room can become a real focal point with the addition of a library wall. Styling the shelves with artwork and accessories add interest whilst the lower cabinetry hide all the clutter.

For more real house inspiration browse our Latest Projects and get in touch to discuss your next interior design project. 

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