An open space inspired by nature and the sea - Storyboard

Discover our process and inspiration to create an open plan kitchen, living and dining room. 


The basics

  • Semi-detached Victorian property in Henleaze, Bristol
  • Large rear extension
  • Open plan kitchen, dining and living room

The project scope

  • Create a nature-inspired interior with a clean, legible design
  •  Include blue and earthy colours reminiscent of the Cornish scenery
  • Maximise the flow in the space

Open Plan Kitchen Design by Ivywell Interiors

Colour Development

Nature and sea Moodboard

Layout, Materials & Key Products

The space is visually divided into four zones. The main inspiration for the colour scheme is rooted in the beautiful Cornish scenery, where the owner grew up. She was particularly drawn to blue and natural wood accents, reminiscent of the sea and the coastal landscape she loves. The key pieces are suggestions for furniture and accessories that would enhance the space. We get that implementing a design takes time and sometimes, you need to live in your new space for a little while before you can decide, this is why we provide on-going support for product sourcing, giving you support even when the building work is long finished. 

Interior Layout and materials

Concept vs. Reality

We understand it can be hard to visualise the end result. As part of the design process, we produce either simple models or more complex fully rendered visuals. It all depends on what you require - just ask for advice!

Concept and PhotosKitchen view - Oval Room Blue feature wall

Concept versus reality interior renderLiving room view - exposed steel beam and oak veneer front concealed storage


We can't stress enough the importance of well-fitted curtains to finish a space. Rather than an afterthought, we always include curtain options at the start of a project as we know it can be costly - but in our minds, it is also essential. 

Our top tips are: 

  1. A ceiling-mounted track when possible on larger openings - this will elevate your window making the space feel roomier.

  2. Voiles (new - much improved - version of a net curtain) if you are looking for privacy and filtered light.

  3. Wave curtains - this can be a little contentious - a simple design will complement your window rather than call attention to it. It's down to personal choice - as always, we'll review options during our process. 

  4. Double-width fabrics - this can be a real cost-saver. We have a huge library of fabrics to enable you to find the right option for your space. It is worth noting that if you need blackouts curtains or an extra thermal barrier, we can add lining or interlining - as above, just ask for advice. 

        Curtain for interior design project

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        Ivywell Interiors - Victorian Kitchen Extension Project


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