From Sleek to Traditional: 5 Media wall ideas to inspire your space

A well-designed media wall can serve as a stunning focal point, adding depth, interest, and a touch of sophistication to any room. They are a great way to optimise the use of space in a room. They combine entertainment units, storage, and display areas into one cohesive feature, making the most of even the most awkwardly shaped rooms. Whether you prefer a minimalist, contemporary look or a more eclectic, bohemian style, a media wall can be customised to match your décor preferences.

1. The Sleek contemporary media wall

Contemporary Sleek Media Wall | Ivywell Interiors | Bristol
Contemporary Self-Built: Bespoke sofas, Curtain fabric by Romo, gas fire and media wall Bespoke Fireplace Design

When the owners of this Contemporary Self Build project came to us, they were stuck on what to do with their living room. The room is rectangular and very long, but somewhere the whole family wanted to relax in the evenings and share a good movie at the weekend. With the longest wall of the room empty, save for a fire, it was calling out for a media wall to create some depth and interest in the back wall.


Before image - dark living room bristol

Not only does it bring some interest to the room but has now given the family ample extra storage, with the extra hidden compartment at the base of the shelving. We kept the colours light and airy, self-coloured to the walls, with the addition of oak on the bottom shelf to tie in with the room. The addition of LED lighting on the shelves and the gas ribbon fire on the wall creates a cosy space for the whole family to enjoy from day to night. 

2. The traditional built-in media wall

Traditional built in cabinetry media wall in dark green | Ivywell Interiors | BristolEdwardian renovation: bespoke cabinetry by Creative Storage & Kitchens. Walls in Studio Green, Farrow & Ball

This media wall, created by our partners Creative Storage & Kitchens, for our Edwardian Home Renovation project, is a statement. There’s no denying this room had a major makeover, but what makes this room so unique is that instead of building the media wall around the fireplace, the media wall is built on the opposite wall to the fireplace, creating a seating area more central in the long room, with the focus to the TV.

Before image of a living room in an edwardian property in BristolBefore: Edwardian Renovation living room

The media wall is painted the same colour as the walls, Farrow & Ball Studio Green, so it becomes part of the room. The LED lighting creates atmosphere, and the asymmetrical shelving brings some depth to the wall. The bottom units create the option of closed-off storage, a great place to store any media equipment. Check out the before, during and after on Instagram @bristol_location_house.


3. The Scandi Exposed Brick Edit

Scandi inspire media wall in a large contemporary extension in Westbury, BristolScandi-inspired extension, built by Ashford Design and Build. Architect DHV Architects.

A contemporary unassuming media wall, part of the Scandi inspired extension in Westbury, Bristol, this media wall houses the TV and a ribbon fire with shelving recesses on either side. The white exposed brick is softened by the made to measure wooden cabinetry. The shelving recesses in the wall to create a flush smooth finish. The timber brings warmth and ties the wall to the rest of the space, helping it belong to its environment. A mixture of closed and open storage creates a soft balance, allowing to store things neatly away, whilst also being able to display lovely accessories.


 4. The minimalist integrated TV and gas fire

A minimalist wall with an integrated TV and gas fire

This simple and minimalist chimney breast has a built-in TV and gas fire. Part of a Contemporary Open Plan Extension, the project has a modern influence, kept simple by keeping it 'un-fussy'. The walls are all painted the same neutral bright colour, aside from the built-in cabinetry painted a warming grey, picked up in the sofa, cushions and accessories.

The two base cabinets without overhead shelving keeps the scheme minimalist and contemporary. Adding some textured wallpaper or painting the recesses a shade or two darker can further add some depth to the space.


5. The Traditional Period Fire and Stand Alone TV

Traditional Period Home Fireplace with Built in Alcoves

Victorian Living Room: walls Inchyra Blue and Light Blue, Farrow & Ball

There is an argument as to whether this wall in our Victorian Living Room Design project can be considered a media wall. But the TV in the recess of the fireplace and the built-in cabinetry and shelving making a cohesive wall, suggest it's just that.

The walls have been painted all the same throughout the room in Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue creating an eclectic scheme. Painting the shelving and cabinetry in Farrow & Ball Light Blue creates a contrast, similar to the fireplace surround, keeping a classic touch to the scheme. A humble media wall, in a grand scheme.

5 Tips for creating a feature media wall in your home:

  1. Create Functional Yet Stylish Storage Solutions: One of the key elements of creating a successful media wall is multifunctional storage solutions, the media wall designs above not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a living space but also provide ample storage for everyday items, promoting a clutter-free environment that aligns with modern lifestyles.
  1. The Importance of Colour Palettes: Whether you choose a light and airy or dark and moody palette the most import part is what colour the media wall is within that scheme. Painting the media wall the same as the walls helps it to look as if it’s part of the room. You can consider painting media walls a shade darker or lighter to create more of a feature. Painting the recesses of the media wall shelving can be painted a shade lighter or darker also to create more depth in the room. Experimenting with colours, can add depth and character while maintaining a cohesive look.
  1. Integrate Cosy and Inviting Elements: The incorporation of cosy and inviting elements, such as LED lighting and gas ribbon fires can make a huge difference in a space. These features contribute to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding with family and friends after a long day. These elements can be integrated seamlessly into various design styles, from contemporary to bohemian.
  1. Embrace Minimalist and Contemporary Design: Embracing minimalist and contemporary design principles, as demonstrated in the Southfield Rd project, can create a statement media wall that doesn’t become the main focus in the room. There’s beauty in clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and subtle textures, which can help create a sense of serenity and sophistication. Sometimes all a space needs are a good textured wallpaper and some eye-catching accessories.
  1. Focus on Personalisation and Flexibility: A key thing to remember is personalisation and flexibility in renovation projects. Tailor your spaces to suit your unique preferences and lifestyle needs. Bespoke built-in media walls can be versatile to accommodate individual storage requirements while adding visual interest to the room. Simple touches, such as textured wallpaper or contrasting paint colours, can inject personality and character into your space.

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